Dr. Barrett Parker and the team at Allied Spine and Sports Chiropractic in Syracuse New York aims to educate patients on reducing back pain, treatment for soft tissue injury and tips for a healthy spine.


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“Back in Shape & Pain Free” Document

Stretching and an active lifestyle are often recommended to help reduce back pain and speed the recovery process following an injury. Improving flexibility through stretching is also an excellent way to avoid future injuries. See this document for stretches and exercises specific to a healthy spine.

“Heat vs. Ice” Document

If you or your child sustains a soft tissue injury (muscle, ligament, tendon, fascia, nerve) commonly known as a sprain or a strain, or a bone injury, it may be hard to determine which is the best course of treatment. Check out these heat and ice guidelines to determine which will most help your recovery.

“Tips for a Healthy Spine” Document

A healthy spine is an essential part of a healthy, pain-free lifestyle. People who suffer from back pain, particularly if it is long-term, are generally less healthy than those who do not. In fact, back pain costs are staggering not only financially, but also in terms of lost time from work and because of psychosocial problems that arise during the healing process associated with long-term back pain. See these tips to see how you can improve your spine health.

“PRICE” Document

The “PRICE” principle is widely used in treatment and triage of many types of injuries. See the steps of injury care using this principle.