- Bill Shampine

“I suffer with degenerative disk in both my low back and neck and I have had tried many types of therapies including physical therapy, medications and injections. I’ve also had 3 surgeries on my lumbar spine and seen many other chiropractors in the 20 year history of my condition. Dr. Parker is by far the best chiropractor I have ever received treatment from. He is an expert in anatomy and has many tools and techniques at his disposal for treating acute and chronic pain. In addition to the normal manipulation that you would expect from a chiropractor, he performs soft tissue treatments to break up scar tissue and restore movement. Dr. Parker is a great problem solver and uses lots of different techniques to tailor a treatment plan to my particular condition. I feel like he knows my anatomy and medical challenges better than I do! He has a tremendous “bed side” matter, is friendly and you feel like he genuinely cares. Dr. Parker is dedicated to his profession and is always attending continuing education seminars to further enhance his skills and learn new techniques. He also partners well with other medical professionals to coordinate a treatment plan. For example, he regularly keeps my pain management doctor informed on his observations and recommends specific areas of treatment.

I’ve been a patient of Allied Spine and Sports Chiropracticfor about 2 years and he has been key in restoring function and partnering with me on how to best manage my chronic condition. I feel that he has significantly improved my quality of life and I am forever grateful for his help and professionalism.”