- John Bartlett

I have been a patient at Allied Spine and Sports Chiropractic for 10 months now.   I was in extreme pain and discomfort from low back pain and had constant sciatica pain thru my right leg into my foot.  I had been diagnosed with a herniated disc that I was told would need surgery to alleviate the pain and discomfort.  I was referred to and tried physical therapy.  This seemed helpful and I felt I was accomplishing a work out twice a week while performing the therapy program thru my pain, and over time I had relief.  Though it seemed every few weeks I had reoccurrences of debilitating pain, and was visiting the doctor’s office for pain relief/medication.

The pain I felt caused a great deal of anxiety and I felt as this seemed like a life changing event.  Getting around the house, to work, my children’s school functions seemed nearly impossible. I felt handicapped.

I met Barrett and was pleased with his concern for my health and wellness.  After the 2  visits the first week I was able to stand and feel balanced with little pain in my right leg.  The techniques used were very successful.  I had 2 visits a week for the following 2 weeks, and I felt great thru the weekends for the first time in months.

Barrett provided information and educated me as to why I felt the way I did and provided simple but effective exercises to help my condition.  He adjusted my back as well as stretched out the muscles and pinpointed pain relief into areas with great success.  I have looked forward to every visit since.  I have been a patient for 10 months and visit about every 4-5 weeks.  I look forward to each visit, and what wellness information will be provided next.

I could see firsthand Dr. Parker and his team have a passion for their work.  Barrett provides the integration of knowledge with Chiropractic care, physical therapy, and general Health and Wellness.