- John R.

Thank you Allied Spine & Sports Chiropractic!   I first injured my back (displaced disc) in the spring of 2014 and was treated by another chiropractor and was able to resume my normal active lifestyle.  Starting in January of 2015 my employer offered a new program that offered reduced out of pocket costs if you were treated by a spine pathway-trained practitioner.  At the time I knew that I should be getting more maintenance performed on my back after my injury but I was not.  Needless to say I re-injured my back in 2015.  After researching the providers that were available as spine pathway-trained practitioner I decided to go to Allied Spine & Sports Chiropractic.  They were great, from Dr. Parker and Dr. Daughton to Brenda at the front desk.  The doctors took the time to educate me on my back injury and more importantly the steps needed to heal and maintain my back-to the point where I can continue my active lifestyle.  They gave me a personalized set of back strengthening and stretching exercises to keep my back in the best shape possible.  From their care and by regularly continuing to perform these exercises, I am back to my pre-injury active lifestyle.  I run 3 miles at least every couple of days, regularly do T25 (which is a high intensity work out), play basketball regularly, fish and golf.  I have Allied Spine & Sports Chiropractic and the spine pathway program to thank for allowing me to continue the lifestyle I enjoy.